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Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioning Repair (Darren shown)

Air Conditioning Repair In St. Louis

We offer fast, friendly, affordable air conditioning repair services in St. Louis.

  • Is your air conditioning not blowing cold air?
  • Did it start making strange sounds?
  • Is it not turning on at all?
  • Do you need an annual ac tune-up?

Whatever the current health of your air conditioner service needs, first take a deep breath, knowing we're a trusted air conditioning repair company that can help and quickly.

Learn more about our air conditioning repair service offering below or request a service call now, and one of our service technicians from our fleet of 40+ rapid response trucks will be dispatched to help.

Trusted AC Repair Services

Customer Review

"After two blistering 97-degree days, my A/C decided to stop blowing cold air. I called Crystal H&C, and later that same day, I was cool as a cucumber. I assumed my service technician, Darren Hahn, would be highly professional and well-experienced, but when he diagnosed my A/C problem walking toward the unit 10 feet away by the sound, I upgraded his status to Jedi Master HVAC Guy. He replaced a capacitor and had me up and running in no time! Afterward, he performed a cursory review of all system components and threw in some energy-saving tips as well. I considered their prices reasonable, and I will definitely be using Crystal H&C in the future." Rick R.   (see review)

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair Service

St. Louis summers can be brutal, so relying on our air conditioners to keep us cold is essential to us. Unfortunately, they break down, mainly when not regularly maintained and when that happens, priorities change. Here are the top 7 warning signs that you may need air conditioning repair service.

  1. Unusual Noises.  While low-level noises are normal for most air conditioning units, loud, sudden unusual noises can signal bigger problems with your unit.  Sounds like rattling or buzzing could point to a loose part while whistling or a grinding noise can be a bit more serious.  If you hear unusual noises, request a service call right away and don't' procrastinate.  Chances are a regular tune-up that will help!
  2. Blowing Warm Air.  If you feel warm air blowing out of your AC unit, first check the thermostat and make sure its switch to cooling mode. If it is, make sure it's set it lower than the temperature of your home.  Once you perform these basic checks, if your vents are still blowing warm air, it's likely you need freon is low or your compressor may be to blame.
  3. Frequent Cycles.   All healthy air conditioners should go through a routine cooling cycle.  And while your AC unit will turn on more frequently on the hottest of St. Louis summer days, it should not constantly cycle on and off.  If you notice frequent cycles, a quick air conditioning tune-up can most likely resolve frequent cycle issues.
  4. High Humidity.  Even in the stickiest of outdoor weather conditions, you should not experience high humidify indoors.  A well-tuned AC unit should moderate humidity levels, automatically.  If your unit isn't keeping moisture levels with a comfortable range for you, a simple re-calibration is in order.  You may also consider a dehumidifier.
  5. Insufficient Airflow.  Nothing is worse than an A/C unit blowing warm air than poor airflow.   If you're experiencing this in your home, chances are you have a clogged air filter, blockage preventing air from moving through your home's ductwork, or in worse cases, a broken motor.
  6. Water Leaks.   Air conditioners rely on refrigerant to cool homes. Sometimes units produce condensation as they operate so don't that concern you. What to look for in a water leak is signs of pooled water; an active leak.  You'll know it when you see it.
  7. Smelly Odors.  Last but not least, nobody likes a bad odor, particularly unpleasant odors that are coming from an HVAC system.  A quick diagnostics followed by a complete cleaning can most likely put an end to the embarrassing smell.
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Darren - A Service Department Tech
Darren - A Service Department Tech

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair For St. Louis

Have an air conditioning emergency in St. Louis?  You can count on Crystal Heating & Cooling.  Whether a home or business, we provide the fastest air conditioning repair in and around St. Louis.  We get it; a broken A/C unit brings stress.  We offer around-the-clock emergency air conditioning services you can count on.

Before calling, take note of these important questions we'll be asking:

  • When did you first notice the problem?
  • Can you describe and explain the sound you hear?
  • What brand and model number is on your A/C unit?
  • When was the last time you replaced the batteries in your thermostat?  (trust us, this can happen).

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