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It's HOT! We have A/C repair tips and services to keep your family cool this summer

5 A/C Repair Tips To Keep You Cool

5 A/C Repair Tips To Keep You Cool

If you’re looking for a/c repair tips, you’re not alone. With the sweltering summers we have in South St. Louis and everywhere around us, many residents will do all they can to figure out how to repair an A/C that isn’t working properly. In most cases, it’s best to leave air conditioner troubleshooting to the professionals at Crystal HVAC, but we’ll give you some things you can check before calling us.

Helpful A/C Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

Here are some common things we hear when customers are trying to troubleshoot air conditioner problems.

A/C Won’t Turn on After a Storm

Sometimes when the power goes out during a St. Louis storm, your air conditioner won’t turn back on even when the rest of the electricity is restored. Try these steps to see if you can get it to come back on.

  • Switch the thermostat switch to “Off” - don’t turn it back on until step 4.
  • Reset the circuit breaker. A power surge may have overloaded your AC circuit, causing the breaker to trip. Find the circuit breaker box in your garage or basement and locate the air conditioning or HVAC label. If not labeled, it’s the switch that is neither on nor off. Turn the switch all the way off, and then flip it on.
  • Wait about 30 minutes. The air conditioner needs to reset its internal circuit breaker (keep the thermostat in the “off” position).
  • Turn The thermostat switch to “Cool”. This should make your AC come back on.
 Is your A/C not working properly, our first A/C repair tip is to check the thermostat

The Air Just Doesn’t Get Cool Enough

Of all the a/c maintenance tips we can give, the number one thing we tell customers is to change your air filter regularly. When filters get clogged with debris such as dust and pet hair, the air conditioner isn’t able to work as efficiently. So change your air filter and see if your home feels any cooler.

One Room is Always Hot

If you have a room with a lot of windows that let the warm sunshine in, the AC has to work really hard to cool that room in peak sunshine hours. Try closing blinds and curtains, and plant trees and shrubs outside those windows to provide shade on that side of the home.

The Electric Bill is High

When customers have high energy bills in summer, they ask how to fix an air conditioner that’s not cooling. But many times, the air conditioner is not the problem. What may be happening is that cool air is leaking out of gaps around your doors and windows, which makes your air conditioner work nonstop to reach the desired number on the thermostat, which drives your electric bill up. You also may not have enough insulation in your walls and attic to keep hot air out. Try sealing gaps with caulk or weather stripping, and check your insulation levels.

The Number on the Thermostat isn’t Changing

Sometimes an air conditioner repair isn’t necessary. You may just need to change the battery in your thermostat or buy a new thermostat that’s more compatible with your air conditioner. We can recommend programmable and smart thermostats that can lower your energy bills and keep you cool in your South St. Louis home.

A/C repair tip: A programmable, smart thermostat from Carrier may help lower your energy bills and keep you cool in your South St. Louis home

Still Having Air Conditioning Problems After You’ve Tried DIY?

If you don’t get the results you want after you’ve tried our A/C repair tips, it’s time to call us. Our team of licensed and knowledgeable HVAC technicians knows all the possible reasons your AC may not be cooling your home, and we will thoroughly check your system and give you an honest answer. Then we’ll give you the best price in South St. Louis for fixing your air conditioner -- and get you cool and comfortable in no time.

Preventative Maintenance is Key for Troubleshooting A/C Problems

The best way to keep your air conditioning working well all summer is to have a licensed professional maintain your HVAC system. When you join the Crystal Care Club, you’ll get  two tune-ups per year -- one for your air conditioner and one for your furnace, plus these other perks:

  • Priority service whenever you call us
  • 10% off repair services
  • Energy-saving condenser coil cleaning
  • No overtime charges for emergency service
  • Complete annual repair endorsement

Want to Stay Cool All Summer? Call The Fleet That Can’t Be Beat!

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