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What Are the Benefits of Installing an HVAC Zoning System in My Home?

What Are the Benefits of Installing an HVAC Zoning System in My Home?

We've all experienced the perfect Sunday morning. You climb out of bed and take your morning stretch. You joyously head downstairs where the sun is beaming in on you, and you enjoy your morning beverage of choice.  On the other hand, we've also all taken that cringe-worthy first step onto the cold tile floor on a chilly morning.

The one that just about sends us running back to the comforting warmth of our bed.  What if you never had to deal with this inconvenience again? What if you could wire your house to make every morning the perfect morning?

With an HVAC zoning system, you never have to step foot onto a cold spot in your home again. From improving your quality of life to helping maintain the effectiveness of your furnace and air conditioner, there are many reasons to consider an HVAC zoning system.

Read on to learn about the various benefits you can gain from installing an HVAC zoning system in your home.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night dripping sweat? Are you sick of having to shake yourself awake, climb out of bed, and go all the way to the front hallway to bump up the AC?

Maybe it’s the thermostat wars with your significant other, children, or the dreaded roommate. You prefer to enjoy the living room at a comfortable 68 degrees, yet every time you come home they have the whole house set to 75.

Or the biggie: the seasonal adjustments to your ductwork. Poking your head up into the rafters in the basement while trying to find the right levers to adjust the airflow every spring and fall, knowing this only makes a minimal difference to the actual airflow in the end anyways.

In the past, technology has come along to improve our daily lives in the form of computers, phones, and even appliances for cooking and washing our linens. We tend to jump right on these technologies and take full advantage.

When it comes to a need as basic as temperature regulation, it seems all too simple a decision to take full advantage of the available technology to keep us comfortable, healthy, and happy in our own homes.

Zoning is an easy solution that allows your life to become simple.

Fix Common Problem Areas


At this point, you're probably thinking to yourself:  "It sounds like a convenient technology to have. But do I really NEED it?".

The answer is yes, you probably do! Most households have problem zones that present hot or cold spots based on location, insulation, or design.

Rooms typically become problem areas due to their location in your home. Common rooms that present issues with hot and cold spots can include the basement and attic. Rooms near an entryway or next to the garage, such as a laundry room or foyer, may have issues regulating their temperature as well.

A zone’s ability to hold heat or cold air can also depend on design choices that were made while building your house. Designs that lead to problem areas include cathedral ceilings (high ceilings), and rooms with a lot of large windows such as sunrooms, lofts, or a living room with a large bay window.

Another factor in keeping a zone’s temperature under control is the appliances within that zone. Heat producing units such as stoves and fireplaces will throw off the entire household temperature on a standard HVAC system.

With a zoned system, the kitchen or living room can be regulated separately from the other living areas to eliminate this problem.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to your household?

Then not only would an HVAC zoning system improve the quality and convenience of your life. It will also allow you to regulate your energy use and the number on your monthly utility bill by addressing these problems!

Save Money


Installing a zoned HVAC system can help save you money on a monthly basis.

Where do these savings come from?

A typical furnace or air conditioning unit works to create a controlled climate throughout the entirety of your household. However as we touched on in the previous section, not all zones need the same amount of attention. And this goes beyond the design and location of the zone.

The amount of use a zone gets is an important factor as well. Turning off the ac to the upstairs bedrooms during the day while nobody is up there. Also cutting off heat flow to a guest room or den that is not in use can make a significant difference on your utility bill.

According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling make up 40 percent of a household's utility bill. By utilizing a zoned HVAC system, you can cut that bill down by 30 percent!

So how exactly does it work?

When you want to increase the temperature in one of the zones, you simply go to that area’s thermostat and turn up the heat to the desired temperature. It will then kick-start your furnace which in turn begins pumping out hot air. However, it doesn't just send this air aimlessly down every duct in your house.

Dampeners installed at the opening of the duct leading to each zone regulate the airflow. The dampener to the room you are trying to heat will open, allowing hot air to blow through the vent. All other lines will close, making the most efficient use of the heat produced.

Once the zone has reached optimal temperature, the furnace shuts itself off until needed again. This process works the same when using your zoned air conditioning system as well. Therefore, you are only paying to heat or cool the necessary zones meaning that you will require less use from your furnace and air conditioner.

The zoned HVAC system allows you to conserve energy and finances at just the click of a button on your thermostat.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

You may even notice an improvement in your health after installing your zoned HVAC system!

By segregating your home into zones, you are reducing the circulation of dust, dirt, and other allergens and contaminants being blown room to room. This may help individuals who suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, skin conditions, itchy eyes, asthma, and other health conditions.

An important example of this would be a home with mold in the basement.

You may be thinking this doesn’t apply to you. Yet, shockingly, it is estimated that 70 percent of households do in fact have mold in the basement  By reducing the airflow to these areas to only the necessary amount, you can effectively decrease the number of spores being circulated in the air.

Less serious yet more common examples of this include reducing the amount of pet dander being blown from the living areas to the bedrooms, and slowing the movement of dust out of rooms that aren’t used and cleaned as frequently into the major household zones.

By reducing the mix of allergens and contaminants in your home, you can increase your control over the quality of the air you are living in and breathing every day. This is a huge bonus to everyone, especially those already prone to health conditions.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC Zoning System

Save money on A/C bills

Zoned heating and cooling allows your furnace and air conditioning unit to work more efficiently. They no longer need to work as a powerhouse to cycle air to every nook and cranny in your home, resulting in less run time.

This means you can actually extend the life of your HVAC system. Not only does this work for new system installation, but it also allows you to add years to the life of your existing system by tacking on zoning technology.

Typical zoned air conditioning and heating systems pay for themselves in roughly two to four years. Considering HVAC systems last on average fifteen to twenty years, this is a worthy one-time investment to green up your house, free up your wallet, and simplify your life.

What Are You Waiting For?

A simple, long-lasting system that will enhance your health, your wealth, and make your daily life a little more pleasant is a no brainer decision! Let the latest HVAC technology make your life better.

Request a free consultation with Crystal Heating and Cooling to learn about adding an HVAC zoning system to your home today!


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