Will A Ductless Air Conditioner Last And Are They Efficient?

Will A Ductless Air Conditioner Last And Are They Efficient?

If you're trying to get a handle on how your home uses energy, how much money you spend on your bills each month, and your overall comfort levels, Then a ductless air conditioner might be your answer.

This also means figuring out what kind of AC system you need. Investing in a ductless air conditioner is one of the best steps you can take for several reasons. So what makes them so unique? In this blog, you will learn more about the capabilities of a ductless air conditioner, how long they last, how to take care of them, and so much more.

How Long Do Ductless Air Conditioners Last?

Ductless air conditioning systems expel cool air directly into the room rather than funneling it through a series of ducts. It's a single-zone system that gives you more control over how the air is distributed.

When you invest in a ductless air conditioning system, you can expect to get at least a dozen years of quality service. If you're particularly attentive to taking care of the AC and providing maintenance, you could get upward of 20 years or more out of it.

Do your research to make sure that you're hiring the best air conditioning professional for the job.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

So what makes investing in a ductless air conditioner an excellent investment? Here are a few of the advantages that you will enjoy:

1. Contractors Can Install Them Quickly and Seamlessly

Carrier Performance High Wall Indoor Unit
Carrier Performance High Wall Indoor Unit (shown)

One of the major benefits of a ductless air conditioner system professional skin quickly and starving for you. No matter what you're dealing with, you can expect a lot more labor and a far more complicated process.

This is particularly the case when your house has a lot of square footage or a lot of rooms. Conversely, ductless work can get you up and running much quicker, and since the labor is less intensive, you can also save money on the installation. In most cases, a professional should be able to hook you up with a ductless air conditioner in a day or less.

2. Your Allergy Symptoms May Improve

Another major benefit of a ductless air conditioning system is that they're helpful for people who have respiratory issues. Ductless air conditioning bolsters your indoor air quality so that less debris and fewer pollutants are in the air. Pollen, indoor allergens, dust mites, smoke, and other toxins are regularly circulated when you have a duct system.

Since your indoor air improves in quality with a ductless system, you'll be better able to breathe a deep breath without irritation and adverse reactions.  This can seriously save your help if you have severe asthma or other respiratory problems.

3. You Will Save Money over the Long-Term

Investing in ductless AC saves money for the long term. You start by enjoying a cheaper installation since there are fewer parts and less labor.

You will spend less money over the long term because you'll notice a significant drop in your utility bills. This is particularly important in the summertime, especially if you live somewhere arid or tropical since energy bills skyrocket during these months.

Whenever you can invest in one of these systems, you will be in a better position to keep more money in your pocket over the next several years.

4. It Makes Your Household More Energy Efficient

Because these systems are less wasteful of energy, you're also doing your part to protect the environment. When your air conditioning system is allowed to blow air incessantly, it wastes resources and keeps your carbon footprint high.

Eco-conscious people should take the time to invest in a ductless system so that they're doing their part to promote sustainability and to protect the planet. Ensure that your contractor installs an Energy Star certified air conditioning system that will increase the system's effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

5. Ductless Air Conditioner Systems Are Low Maintenance

Above all, your ductless air conditioning system is an upgrade over traditional duct systems. As a result, you'll get better performance out of it, and it will require less maintenance.

Since the system requires less maintenance over the years, it'll be cheaper to own, and you won't have to spring for expensive repairs. You can pair the air conditioner with a maintenance plan to be certain that it's properly looked after.

Time for a New Air Conditioning System? Consider A Ductless Air Conditioner

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Need a new air conditioning system? By understanding when it's time to pull the trigger on a new system, it's good to have options, and you will be better able to explore your needs when you consider a ductless air conditioner.

Here are some signs that it's time to make the shift to a new ductless air conditioning system:

1. The Bills Are Getting Expensive

If your bills are getting out of control, it means that your air conditioner is failing you. The best thing you can do in this regard is to replace it and stop the bleeding, but you aren't ready to invest that much.

Please keep copies of your utility bills so that you are always aware of when they are beginning to get out of hand. If your bills are constantly more expensive than the averages, it's a sign that the equipment is falling apart. This will save you money and prevent hazards in your house.

2. Your Air Conditioner is Accumulating Moisture

Moisture is bad news for any air conditioning system. It's indicative of temperature issues or leaks and can lead to serious trouble in the future.

For instance, if your system is allowed to leak unchecked, you will eventually begin dealing with mold and other issues. You and your family will be subject to this mold, which can irritate your respiratory system when breathed.

3. It Needs a Costly Major Repair

Think of your air conditioning system in much of the same way you think of an automobile. You know how much you pay for the automobile, you probably have an idea of its current market value, and you know when a repair is worth more than the car itself. The same applies to your HVAC system.

If you get a cost estimate that is more than you should be paying for your system, it's better to spend that money on a new system that will target certain areas, and that will last you.

There are always situations where your AC might not work, but if it's beginning to cost you more money than the system is worth, you need to look into getting a new one but aren't ready to spend that much.

4. You're Struggling to Get Comfortable

If you're constantly going through trial and error and you still can't get comfortable, this is an issue that patching up your system won't fix. There comes a time where the system you have has run its life course, and you need to replace it. Unfortunately, you might not have the money. Start to think about where you spend most of your day.

It's better to get a ductless air conditioner system that is completely optimized and makes you comfortable using new technology, rather than spending on a system that no longer serves you.

5. The Air Conditioner Has Been Hanging on for Yearsductless life expectancy

Finally, keep your eye on the clock and know when you've had the AC system for too long or maybe you are putting too much strain on it. If you're spending all your time in the living room, you're probably better off getting a new ductless air conditioner system that can focus on your needs.

Keep copies of your repair bills and other records so that you're not mistaken in estimating expenditure each month. Replacing your air conditioner might not be in the cards, but a ductless air conditioner will help you save money on your bills for the long-term, so don't keep putting money into a system giving you diminishing returns.

In the meantime, invest in a repair plan. Getting a strong handle on your HVAC maintenance is a step that every homeowner can take. You'll be able to bring someone out who can change your filters, give you an annual inspection, and so much more. All while still being comfortable in your house.

Handle Your Air Conditioning Service to the Fullest

When you need the best performance, it requires some sound decision-making. By opting for a ductless air conditioner system and taking care of what satisfies your needs as long as you own it, your home will stay cool and comfortable.

Just as importantly, you won't find yourself paying an arm and a leg on your energy bills.

If you'd like to learn more about ductless air conditioning and get the HVAC service that you need, let Crystal Cooling and Heating be your go-to resource.

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