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Why Your Indoor HVAC Unit Needs Regular Preventive Maintenance

Why Your Indoor HVAC Unit Needs Regular Preventive Maintenance

Temperatures are heating up, and it's time to switch over from heat to air conditioning! Last summer, temperatures around the country were the fourth hottest on record, up 2.1 degrees from the national average.  And it's sure to be a scorcher once again!

No matter what time of year, you've got to take care of your home. If you're on the fence about preventative maintenance for your indoor HVAC unit, we've got some of the top reasons why you should tip the scales toward a tune-up.

Read on to learn why it's "cool" to keep your HVAC running in peak condition.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

HVAC preventative maintenance goes by many names. For air conditioning and heating unit owners that have a contract with a local HVAC company, your technician might call it a service agreement. Service agreement customers typically pre-pay for two tune-ups per year — one for cold weather, and one for warmer days.

Another term we like to use is "tune-up," because that's essentially what you're getting when you call us. An expert from our company comes out to look at your indoor HVAC unit, clean anything outside that need it, check filters, levels, and air balance. Other companies might call this a service call.

There are many names, but preventative maintenance is crucial to the life and longevity of your indoor HVAC unit. To prolong your air conditioner's life, make sure you have a tune-up at least twice per year.

If you live in a place with four distinct seasons or extreme temperatures or have an extremely old or specialized unit, yours might require extra attention.

Outdoor Maintenance

Your indoor HVAC unit will probably have an outdoor condenser component; most standard heating and air conditioning units do. Our technicians are specially trained to remove any debris or dirt around the outside unit, check your drain pan for blockages, inspect and clean the coil as needed, and check out the fan blades and fan motor.

We do a host of other things, too. There are belts, bolts, and pipes that all need tending to.

If you've had any wear and tear, we'll note that, too.

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Indoor Maintenance

When we move to the inside of your home during your preventative maintenance tune-up, we will clean and/or replace all your filters throughout the house, as well as inspect ductwork and do a series of other standard checks.

Let your technician know if there's anything unusual going on in your unit or homes, such as abnormal odors or unusual noises.

Think of it like going to the doctor for a check-up. You get your blood pressure taken and maybe have your sinuses flushed, even if you're not sick. Our preventative maintenance tune-ups are the same thing, but for your indoor HVAC unit!

And don't wait too long before calling our team! Those noises and creaks can end up costing you money!

Save Money — Lots of Money

You can save a significant amount of money by getting regular twice annual seasonal tune-ups. If you have a quality HVAC unit, you can get on a preventative maintenance plan that will cost less than emergency calls when something breaks.

It will also save you money by elongating the life of your indoor HVAC unit. A brand new, full system in a home can cost more than $5,000 to set up and install.

You can also lower your utility bills by having an air conditioning unit in peak condition. Having a preventative maintenance plan is a lot like performing an energy audit at least once per year. In the long run, this could save you about one-third on your energy bills!

Much the same as your personal health, you'd rather get check-ups twice a year on your HVAC unit than perform no maintenance and have something break in an unexpected emergency!

We are a licensed Carrier dealer, which means we sell the best products on the market at the most reasonable prices. We want your unit to live as long as it can, but we will gladly help you a price and replace your indoor HVAC unit if needed!

Indoor HVAC Unit Performance

You'll need a technician to come out for maintenance to make sure you have sufficient coolant or refrigerant in your air conditioning unit. Dirty coils can also lead to a decreased quality in performance.

Vents also need to be periodically cleaned. Check out our eight best practices for getting your home summer ready.

If you have an energy efficient machine, technicians will want to make sure it's also in peak performance condition. Checking for leaks, balancing the air flow in rooms, and making sure the thermostat is in good working order and calibrated correctly will all keep your HVAC unit working well.

Having the Right Thermostat

Another way that preventative maintenance on your HVAC can save you money is by being programmed by an expert.

The Department of Energy says that in spring and summertime, having your thermostat checked for accuracy can cut down on your electric bills. We can help you with smart thermostats, programmable thermostats, or with replacing your old box and troubleshooting if there's an issue.

Remote turning on A/C

Breathe Easy & Be Healthy

Your air quality inside your home is under your control, and you should have your indoor HVAC unit in good working order to maximize it. You'll want dust-free, filtered air, and you'll need a clean filter and a working air conditioner to breathe easy in your home.

Some air conditioning units are equipped with UV lights to increase air filtration. Others have dehumidifiers inside to dry the cooled air. You'll eliminate mold, moisture, and musty air in your house with these upgrades to your unit.

If you or your family members have certain allergies or notice that you're sneezing at home when your AC is on, talk with your technician to see if he or she can do an air quality test. You deserve to have crystal clean, cool air — and your air conditioner should not exacerbate asthma or allergy issues.

When your HVAC is working properly, it can regulate your inside climate and reduce sniffles. In fact, having your air on all the time during the summer doesn't cause the colds much thinks!

Preserve Home Value

Just as landscaping, housekeeping, and home repairs can be important for preserving your home's value, having an indoor HVAC unit that's in good condition will help keep your house in great shape for selling.

For those putting their house on the market — or just looking to keep it in stellar shape — having a preventative maintenance plan for your air conditioning and heating units is just good common sense.

New Money Saving Technologies

And indoor HVAC units could see some big changes in the coming years. There are more than 1 billion air conditioners in the world, and the systems can be challenging for energy needs. Our environment and our pocketbooks could be at stake if we don't modernize the air conditioner soon.

Having a quality HVAC may be as easy as authorizing small upgrades while your tech does his regular preventative maintenance plan tasks. The Global Cooling Challenge is a current contest to try to revamp and streamline the air conditioner.

If you stay up with the times and keep your unit fresh, you could be doing good for your finances and your world.

Keep Your Warranty

Scheduling HVAC preventative maintenance will allow you to keep the manufacturer's warranty active on your machinery. Parts warranties can be honored, but only if licensed and trained technicians were performing work on your indoor HVAC unit.

If you're into DIY fix-its, we suggest changing your own filter or cleaning your vents. Anything else, leave it to the pros!

Peace of Mind

Give yourself some breathing room when you have HVAC maintenance costs are taken care of and a preventative plan in place. Your air conditioning and heating units need to be working without you giving them much thought. And we're happy to be the company that helps you "keep your cool!"

With summer warming up more and more each year, it's important to learn about your indoor HVAC unit and to know how you can save money and energy year after year. It's only getting hotter out there!

Well-conditioned air can remove pollution, reduce mold levels, and help you feel comfortable and healthy. And that's a peace of mind you deserve.

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Schedule Your Tune-Up Today

It's time for preventative maintenance on your indoor HVAC unit, and there's no reason to delay. We can schedule your tune-up with one of our best technicians, and we would be happy to talk with you about the health and life expectancy of your system.

If you're having an emergency, please give us a call at 1-800-600-9292. We can help you any time of day or night. At Crystal Rapid Response, we pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose and fix things quickly.

Just give us a call or schedule online with us right here. We're looking forward to working with you to keeping your costs down and your cool up!

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