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woman checking on her air conditioner before calling an HVAC company

How long is too long before hiring an HVAC Company

How long is too long before hiring an HVAC Company

When you suspect a problem with your furnace, it’s easy to convince yourself not to call an HVAC company. You may think it’s just a one-time occurrence or that there’s not a major issue, but sometimes neglecting small signs can actually lead to big, expensive headaches later. And remember, you should have a preventative HVAC maintenance service performed every season so we can detect problems early! Here are some indications that you should definitely call our furnace repair company right away.

Signs That You Should Call Our St. Louis HVAC Company

When you notice any of these issues, pick up the phone and call Crystal!

1) It Takes Too Long for the Furnace to Kick On

When you wake up in the morning and turn up your thermostat, your furnace should come on within five minutes. If it’s been taking longer than that, it means the furnace is having a hard time igniting, which is a definite problem. Our furnace repair technicians will come out right away to determine whether you need a new ignition sensor, there’s a gas line connection problem or a bigger furnace issue.

2) There are Funny Noises Coming from My Furnace

In a normal working HVAC system, you’ll hear a click as the furnace ignites, and then you’ll hear air blowing through the vents within a minute or so. If you hear any strange sounds like these, don’t put off calling the furnace repair experts.

  • Grinding. This means there could be an issue with the cage blower wheel, and that can damage your entire heating system. Turn off the furnace and contact us!
  • Squealing. This could indicate an issue with the blower motor belt or bearings, either of which can shorten your furnace’s life, so call right away.
  • Booming. This can happen when the burner assembly is blocked due to a buildup of carbon particles, in which case we need to clean it. It could also happen when there’s unburned gas in the combustion chamber due to an ignition problem -- which can potentially be dangerous.

3) I Only Feel Cold Air

If this is happening, you should first check or change your furnace filter since a clogged filter can prevent efficient airflow. Then make sure your thermostat is set to “Heat,” and check that your pilot light is lit (if you have one). If you still feel cool air coming out of your vents, it could be a problem that requires our help, such as:

  • A dirty or defective flame sensor
  • Leaks in your ductwork
  • An ignition issue

4) The Furnace Won’t Turn On

In St. Louis, you definitely can’t have a heating system that’s not working. Check thermostat batteries then make sure there’s not a tripped fuse. If neither of those is the issue, you probably need our HVAC repair services. Your furnace or any of its components may have overheated or malfunctioned, and the longer you wait to call, the colder you’ll get!

skilled technician from an HVAC company is making repairs to a component of an HVAC

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