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14 Benefits You Get By Installing a Mini Split System

14 Benefits You Get By Installing a Mini Split System

Contrary to the popular statement, the shortest distance between two points isn't' a line, it's to make each point do the work. In this case, a mini split AC system is the point and the line is the venting and ductwork that doesn't need to exist to make a space cool.  There's a multitude of benefits to installing a mini split system.

Whether you have a small, large, or multiple spaces you intend to cool.  Then a ductless HVAC exists to meet your needs.

The power of a mini split system works through two units rather than the single point of operation for a general HVAC. The external compressor/condenser works much the same but delivers its payload to an indoor distribution unit. The distribution unit does air cooling.

By separating the roles between two systems, mini splits behave more efficiently while delivering the same results.

Advantages of Installing a Mini Split System

Not every advantage carries as much impact, but they all add up.

Whether you are looking for a low-cost alternative to HVAC for a commercial building or looking to make your home more energy-efficient, you'll find what you need here.

1. Flexibility

Do you like to keep your closet a chilly 70 degrees in the summer? No? Then why are you paying for an HVAC system that felt the need to install a vent in there?

The first major benefit of a mini split is flexibility. Internal distribution units are installed in the places you want them and only there. You don't need to 'just in case' every room in the house.

Even better, if you redecorate or rearrange the furniture it's a snap to move the unit to provide optimal cooling. The air goes where you are. Individual thermostats also let you maximize the temperature in the room you are in without caring about the temp in the hallway.

2. Easy Installation

Unlike an HVAC, which basically needs to be built into the home at the outset to avoid major remodeling, a ductless mini split system goes in with little more than a small hole.

It takes the same amount of effort to rig up a unit in a room as it does to place a phone line or ethernet cable.

The external compressor unit fits in the same spot or can be placed closer to where you need it. The external units are smaller and weigh less because they do only a part of the work. This makes them more convenient to install in upper stories of houses or apartment areas.

3. Time-Saving

Carrier Multi Zone System - MGR Series

Not only are ductless HVAC systems easy to install, but they also take less time.

The annoyance and difficulty of putting large holes in thew alls and ceiling to put in ductwork aren't just noisy and messy, it takes weeks to complete. Weeks where living in the home while it's installed means carefully moving from room to room or sitting in a hotel to enjoy some quiet.

A mini split unit can be installed in days instead of weeks with much less mess to clean up or clear away.

4. No Ductwork

Yes, the benefits of no ductwork are legion.

In addition to time and effort in their installation, a lack of ductwork provides everyday benefits. No adjusting furniture to stop blocking a vent or to make sure a particular chair or table isn't under a vent.

No trying to move a carpet a foot in one direction to avoid covering a vent only to find it now blocks another.

When you start thinking about uncoupling yourself from large holes in your walls, floors, and ceiling you'll wonder why it ever seemed a good idea, to begin with.

5. Energy Efficient

And another thing about vents? They waste a lot of energy moving air from the external unit all the way through the ducts to get where you want it. To accommodate the temperature differential from the external walls to the internal chamber, they have to be built large.

This means you have to move more air through the system to get your desired result on the other side of a vent. This means a bigger compressor. That compressor needs more energy to function.

It doesn't end there. The larger compressor also generates more heat, so it needs even more power to cool the air from its own heat generation.

Since the air moving through a mini split conduit isn't conditioned, it doesn't need as much volume. This saves on compressor size and reduces waste in the transfer.

6. Energy Cost SavingsFamily Saving In Piggy Bank

With the components of the system using less energy to brute-force your cooling and heating needs, they cost less per minute of use.

Compounding this savings is the fact that you are only paying to cool certain areas you live in, rather than a bunch of areas that you visit infrequently (bathroom, laundry room, closet) or pass through rapidly (hallways, entrances).

7. Air Quality

And another thing about ductwork... it accumulated debris over time. Even when it blows 24/7 bits of external dirt, dander, and dust are all collecting wherever a seam is even a bit uneven.

Floor vents get stuff shoved into them (if you have children or pets) and ceiling vents pick up noxious odors (from the kitchen and the bathroom). Anything that ends up in one vent will eventually be pushed around to all the vents.

A mini split system upgrades air quality by reducing surface area and more tightly ceiling access points between the internal and external units.

8. Noise

Because each unit is working only as much as it needs to, there's less overall sound. No more rumbling of the air as it kicks on and the pressure wave smacks through every hallway and room on the way to its destination.

Again, the smaller aperture on the conduits leaves less room for uneven air temperatures to knock and bounce. And as with the air quality, the lack of random objects getting into the non-existent vents prevents rattling.

9. Maintenance

Larger units tend to mean more moving components which means more prone to breaking down. The smaller size of a mini split system means less mechanical stress.

The internal units can be swapped out for repairs, which means no downtime. Servicing, much like installation, is also faster and easier. Getting set up with a routine maintenance schedule will still ensure longevity and performance, but takes less effort each instance.

10. Humidity Control

Less moving air in the pipes means less room for temperature changes throughout. This leads to less condensation and tighter control of internal humidity levels.

This is important in both moist and drier climates because it's easier to feel the temperature.

The addition of a condensation bleed in the conduit also keeps the unit from needing to be specifically drained between cold and hot seasons.

11. Improved Aesthetics

The smaller internal footprint of a mini split system makes it easier to plan decor. They can be placed wherever suits your needs without regard to the placement of other units in other rooms.

If installing a new air conditioner as part of an overall home remodel, you can even tuck them away in niches in the walls or recessed ceiling areas. This gives you all the same low-profile of a vent but maintains all the benefits of the mini split system.

12. Security

While it's harder to access a home or office through ductwork than many heist movies might lead you to believe, it's hardly impossible.

A winding set of large holes that run through your house can be used as an access point for small and flexible thieves. In addition, external units mounted directly to windows are easy to dislodge and enter through.

13. Pest Control

Human burglars aren't the only thing trying to access your ductwork. Everything from mold to creepy crawlies to rodents can use ducts to enter a home from the outside.

It's bad enough to have these allergen and disease factories in the ductwork, setting up colonies and nests, but they also can further get into the walls (termites and ants) or come through vents into the house proper (spiders, rats).

14. Personalized ControlSitting Under The Mini Slit

The more people living in a space, the more opinions floating around about what the optimal living temperature is. Regardless of budgetary concerns, some people run hotter than others.

Most contemporary HVAC systems offer only one or two thermostats for a home. These are usually installed in communal locations, measuring and adjusting temperature where the humans aren't even sitting.

With programmable remotes that can even offer presets and different temps at different times of the day, mini split units provide more detailed comfort. This won't exactly satisfy the temperature struggle in the living room but it cuts down on discomfort throughout the home.

Get Started

With so many benefits it's difficult not to want to start installing a mini split system. Still, you live in a world where wants aren't always obtainable.

For more information about the right size of the system for you, information about installation, and pricing plans contact us.

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