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An HVAC Maintenance Plan for the Changing Seasons

An HVAC Maintenance Plan for the Changing Seasons

Do you have an annual HVAC maintenance plan?  While you may think that scheduling yearly maintenance on your HVAC system isn't important, getting a HVAC maintenance plan will save you money.

An HVAC maintenance plan will keep your HVAC system running all year round. A plan will help you save money while staying comfortable.  Keep reading to learn the importance of an HVAC maintenance plan!

Benefits of Getting An HVAC Maintenance Plan

If you're wondering if the cost of an HVAC maintenance plan is worth it, take a look at a handful of the benefits that come with keeping your HVAC system properly maintained:

Save on Energy

Just like your car, your HVAC system needs to be maintained. When you're constantly running your air conditioning during the hot summer or your heater during the cold winter, your HVAC system can actually end up overworking itself.

What does that mean for you?

It means a higher electric bill.

You can easily increase your HVAC's efficiency (and lower your electric bill) by having your system regularly maintained.

Better Air Quality

By having your system regularly checked on by a professional, you'll know when you need to change out your air filter. Not changing out the air filter for your air conditioning unit on a regular basis can introduce dust, dirt, and other harmful contaminants into the air in your home.

If you or your loved ones have asthma (or other breathing difficulties), this could create health problems.

Family laying on carpet

Keeps Your Family Safe

A failing HVAC system can be dangerous to your family. As an example, a furnace that has a crack in its heat exchange, dangerous carbon monoxide gas can poison the air that you're breathing.

An HVAC system that has a short circuit can become a fire hazard, potentially starting a fire in your home. One of the most important reasons to get your HVAC regularly looked at is to keep you and your family safe.

Decrease Chances of Malfunctioning

When you have your HVAC system regularly looked at, small problems that have arisen throughout the year can be fixed before they escalate. Not only will this help to stop large, expensive fixes from happening, but it's also a great way to preserve the life of your HVAC system.

Has it been a while since you've had your HVAC system maintained or looked at? You should contact us today. We'd be more than happy to help you get your system regulated, cleaned, and fixed!

HVAC Maintenance Plan Supports Every Season

In order to make sure that your HVAC system is working efficiently throughout changing weather, here's when you need to perform specific maintenance:

looking inside home in winterWinter

HVAC maintenance during the winter is relatively simple. Make sure that you dust off any snow or ice that piles upon any part of your outdoor HVAC equipment.

It's okay if there's a small amount of ice accumulation on these pieces od equipment. However, be sure to call an HVAC expert if there are blocks or sheets of ice that have formed on top of unique. Don't ever try to melt the ice yourself, as this could damage your system.


Call your HVAC expert before the weather starts getting too hot. Schedule an appointment for the expert to come and inspect your air conditioning unit. During the inspection, the HVAC expert will check to make sure that the AC unit is able to function efficiently and safely.

In addition, the professional will clean any dirty components, calibrate the blower, and lubricate any parts that are moving.

Refrigerant Lines

Take some time to inspect the AC refrigerant lines. You can find these by looking for two copper lines that go into the air conditioning condenser. Take a look and try to find the larger line.

During the warmer months, the line should feel cold and have condensation on it. However, if you notice that the line doesn't feel this way, it's because the refrigerant levels are too low.

If you have discovered that the line doesn't feel cold or have any condensation on it, make sure to call an HVAC professional immediately. If you leave your AC unit without adequate levels of refrigerant for too long, it could cause your air conditioning unit to fail.

Make sure that you check the refrigerant levels on a monthly basis, especially if you are using your AC consistently.


Maintenance during the summer is relatively simple. All you have to worry about during is making surer that the water supply to your furnace is turned off!


When fall has arrived, it's important that you hire an HVAC company for an annual inspection and any maintenance that needs to be completed. During the annual inspection, an HVAC company will look at heat exchangers, burners, exhaust outlets, and other vital functions of your heating system to make sure it's all functioning properly.

During the inspection, the HVAC professional will lubricate any moving parts and consult you about any areas of concern that they have.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

If you rely on oil or natural gas for your heat, make sure to replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector. Also, be sure to test it to make sure that it's working. You should be sure to replace the carbon monoxide detector every five years.

Furnace Wick

You should also make sure that you replace the humidifier wick on your furnace. Double-check to make sure that your water supply is turned on.

DIY A/C repairAn HVAC Maintenance Plan You Can DIY

You should schedule HVAC service in the spring for your air conditioning and in the fall for your heating unit. In addition, if you have a heat pump, you should have the combined system looked at twice a year.

Are you looking for ways that you can help keep up the maintenance of your HVAC system without the help of a professional? Here are a few DIY maintenance tasks that you can do to extend the life of your HVAC system:

  • Hose down the outdoor unit if you've noticed that any dirt has started to collect on it
  • Look over your HVAC system once a month. There are some systems that have a light on them that will indicate when the filter needs to be changed. If your system does not have this, make sure you're changing the filter at least once a month to prevent the filter from becoming clogged, resulting in blocked airflow.
  • Remove any debris that collects around the outdoor system you have.
  • Make sure that any branches or bushes are trimmed; you'll want to make sure that their branches aren't touching the unit.
  • Make sure that any return and supply registers in your home aren't blocked by furniture, rugs, or drapes!

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Maintenance to Leave to the Pros

You can't complete an entire HVAC tune-up by yourself. Making sure that your HVAC system is properly maintained takes the tools, knowledge, and skills that experienced HVAC professionals have.

Here are a few things that your HVAC professional will do with their annual maintenance:

Lubricate Moving Parts

If the moving parts in your HVAC system aren't properly lubricated, there's an increase in friction. This friction can cause your system to overheat, resulting in it breaking down.

By making sure that everything is properly lubricated, you decrease the electricity that the system is using. As a result, your electrical bill will be lower!

Check the Condensate Drains

The condensing furnaces and cooling equipment create condensate when they're in use. When an HVAC system is working efficiently, the condensate collections in a pan and is drained away to the outside of the system.

Over time, sludge and algae can begin to form on the drainage pipe, which can create a blockage. When the system is being heavily used, this may cause the drainage pan to overflow. As an end result, this can actually cause water damage to both the HVAC system and to your home.

An HVAC professional will check the condensate drain to ensure that the pan is draining properly and will clean out anything that could develop a blockage.

professional hvac repair

Getting Your HVAC System Checked

Having an HVAC maintenance plan to make sure that your system is properly maintained will help to prolong the life of your system, as well as save you money.

Making sure that regular maintenance is performed on your HVAC system can help you to avoid problems occurring at inconvenient times. We are ending summer and will be around the corner to fall and then, winter. It's a good time to have your HVAC checked in anticipation of seasonal changes!

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