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We’ve Gone Green
We've Gone Green!

It's Official; We've Gone Green!

Crystal Heating & Cooling wants to be environmentally responsible, but sometimes that sticker price can be overwhelming.

We understand this because many of our customers will spend the initial cost of their new equipment, receive an energy rebate and reap the benefits of long-term energy savings in their own homes.

Solar technology is an alternate energy option that ultimately becomes more affordable when you factor in the federal tax credits.

"As an established employee-owned heating and cooling business, it made sense for us to lessen our carbon footprint and reduce our energy costs.  Investing in sun-powered solar panels helped improve the environment and company budget. " Cyndy Friedmeyer, President

We bought sustainable savings for two office locations with our commercial solar installation investment. We combined the energy savings from solar with available incentives & rebates to help us save over $430,000 total over 30 years. The projected ROI of our Commercial Solar Panel investment is 186.8%.


Clean Energy Upgrades in Festus, MO

We installed a 63.75kW solar panel system at our Festus location.


  • Solar Panel System Size - 63.75kW
  • Energy Produced in 1st year - 90,059kWh's
  • Ameren Bill Savings in 1st Year - $8,068
  • Clean Energy produced over 30 years - 2,682,273kWh
  • Utility Savings over 30 years from commercial solar panels - $351,815

Solar Power Installation in Farmington, MO

We installed a smaller 17.00kW commercial solar power system in Farmington, MO. The 30-year ROI for this industrial solar panel system is 186.8% with a payback period of just 5 years for this property alone.


  • Solar Panel System Size - 17.00kW
  • Energy Produced in 1st year - 24,123kWh's
  • Ameren Bill Savings in 1st Year - $2,039
  • Energy produced over 30 years - 718,468kWh's
  • Utility Savings over 30 years - $88,905

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