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How Using an iWave Air Purifier is Beneficial During COVID-19

How Using an iWave Air Purifier is Beneficial During COVID-19

Keeping your home's interior air clean has never been more important than it is now. But standard HVAC systems don't always offer the best air purification options. Many homeowners may turn to portable air purifiers.  But investing in a whole-home system, like the iWave Air Purifier, could be the smarter option. This unique device can disintegrate common pollutants like dirt, pollen, and dander.

It can also neutralize airborne viruses. As such, the iWave Air Purifier could be just the thing to help you and your household enjoy a healthier life in a post-COVID world.

What Is an iWave Air Purifier?

iWave Air Products

An iWave Air Purifier is one of four distinct devices designed to eliminate airborne pollutants and keep interior air clean and safe. Homeowners often choose one of two AC system options.

The first potential purifier is called the iWave-R. It's a self-cleaning air purifier that installs within your home's heating and cooling system. The iWave-V is similar, though it does require some maintenance.

When an iWave Air Purifier is installed, you can enjoy cleaner, purer interior air. Instead of struggling with allergies, you could breathe easily. Unlike portable air purifiers, the iWave system targets the whole home.

Notably, iWave Air Purifiers are an excellent home investment in a post-COVID landscape. Keeping your home's air quality in tip-top shape (and virus-free) is essential. The iWave line of devices can help with that.

How Can an iWave Air Purifier Help With COVID-19?

Information regarding COVID-19 and how it spreads is still developing. But there are quite a few things that we know about the virus.

Firstly, it primarily spreads via the respiratory system. That's why many people who catch the virus develop symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

Because COVID-19 is communicable via the nose and mouth, face masks have become widespread, popular, and often necessary. But when you're at home, you won't want to keep your cover on.

But if you're not using a powerful and capable air purifier, you may still be at risk. Small particles of the virus that may be lingering on your face mask, clothing, or skin can become a lurking danger.

The iWave Air Purifier reduces the number of pathogens in the air. When you walk into a home with pure, clean, hygienic air, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Besides, purified air may mean fewer allergies and less mildew.

iWave Air Purifier Benefits

The iWave Air Purifier benefits the entire household. In addition to some post-COVID peace of mind, an iWave Air Purifier could ensure that your home's interior air contains:

  • Fewer Allergens
  • Less Dust
  • Fewer Mold Spores
  • Smaller Amounts of Airborne Viruses

With a whole-home air purifier like the iWave, you and your household could experience fewer allergies. You might also need to dust less often, and mold might not have a chance to grow.

But understanding how the iWave produces these benefits is crucial. After all, if you're going to invest in a new item for your home, you want to make sure it works. Let's explore how it might help out!

Fewer Allergens

iWave Air Cleansing Diagram

Your home's heating and cooling system is built to provide superiors air quality. But without proper maintenance and upgrading, any home's AC system can begin to exhibit worrying signs.

One of the most significant symptoms of a filthy home HVAC system is in-home allergies if you are constantly sneezing, suffering from watery eyes, or generally feeling bad while in the house, it may be allergies.

Some of the most common airborne allergens found in homes include:

  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores

Of course, potent perfumes and funky smells can also make you sneeze and cough. If you've been holding your nose while walking around your home, now is the time to make a change.

Your heating and cooling system's air filter can only do so much. It tends to collect larger particles of dust and first. The iWave Air Purifier helps to snag those smaller bits and keep your home's air free of irritating allergens.

But allergens aren't the only potential danger. Dust is also a common culprit behind poor interior air quality. Somewhat frustratingly, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of dust completely.

However, that doesn't mean that you can't fight it. If you're serious about shortening your weekly dusting times and enjoying fresher, purer air, it might be time to make the switch to an iWave Air Purifier.

Less Dust

HEPA Filter

If you're alive, then your body is generating dust. In most cases, dust is just the collection of dead skin cells. While that's not a very appealing thought, it can help you understand where dust comes from.

Getting rid of dust is a lifelong affair. You could spend hours of each day attempting to clean away all of the dust and dirt in your home. Sadly, while you're cleaning, you're likely generating more!

The iWave Air Purifier devices help to lessen this load. The charged ions that zip out of it can terminate allergens, but they can also help destroy airborne dust particles.

Because this device is almost always active, the effect is the perpetual cycling of dust-killing ions. You might be amazed to find that your living room stays squeaky-clean for several days after each dusting.

While you're saving time on your dusting routine, you could also be reducing the time you need to spend scrubbing your kitchen and bathroom. That's because the iWave devices can kick mold spores to the curb.

Fewer Mold Spores

Unfortunately, it's challenging to avoid mold. Unless you live in a drastically dry area, there's a good chance that your kitchen or bathroom has at least some small amount of mold or mildew growth.

Luckily, regular cleaning and smart home maintenance tasks can help keep fungal spores at bay. But that doesn't mean that mold spores aren't pouring into your home every time you open or close the door.

The iWave can help you fight this battle. In addition to zapping allergens and dust, it can also help kill airborne spores. This could help you spend more time enjoying your home and less time scrubbing it clean.

An iWave device could not only help you reduce your sniffles and sneezes, but it could also keep your kitchen and bathroom mildew-free and clean. To sweeten matters, this whole-home air purifier can also reduce pathogens.

Smaller Amounts of Airborne Viruses

Clean Air Sign

The iWave Air Purifier devices kill airborne viruses that come near them. As air is pulled toward the ion-emitting brushes, any airborne pathogens lingering around are neutralized.

With the iWave-R, this process is virtually automatic and maintenance-free. The only thing you'll need to do for your home's AC is to keep to your standard scheduled maintenance and change the air filter from time to time.

Speaking of which, an iWave Air Purifier might help you enjoy fewer annual AC air filter changes. Because this device tackles allergens, pollen, dust, and airborne dirt, your filter might stay cleaner for longer!

How Much Does the iWave Air Purifier Cost?

The iWave Air Purifier device varies in price depending on the model and retailer. Generally, the cost varies between $300 and $400.

S, service technicians in your area may offer special discounts and offer on an installation. Be sure to ask about potential savings when scheduling your installation appointment.

Installing an iWave Air Purifier

There are hundreds of home maintenance and installation projects that homeowners can easily accomplish on their own. iWave Air Purifier installation isn't one of them.

Unless you're an electrician and air conditioning specialist, you'll want to hire a team of professional technicians to help you install your new iWave Air Purifier. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself at risk.

Fortunately, plenty of trustworthy, hard-working heating and cooling specialists can help you install an iWave Air Purifier.

Enjoy a Cleaner and Healthier Home Today

Unlike portable air purifiers that can only handle a single room, the iWave Air Purifier can tackle the whole home. It neutralizes pollen, dust, and viruses using charged ions.

After installing an iWave Air Purifier in your home, you might enjoy fewer allergies, fewer bathroom and kitchen mold growth, and fewer sick days. In a post-COVID world, it's never been important to keep your home's air clean.

Are you interested in upgrading to the best air purifier in St. Louis? Get a free service estimate now!

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