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Furnace Repair
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Furnace Repair In St. Louis

We offer fast, friendly, affordable furnace repair in St. Louis and surrounding cities.

  • How much does it cost to repair a furnace?
  • What can cause a furnace to stop working?
  • Should you repair or replace your furnace?
  • Do you need an annual furnace tune-up?

Whatever the current health of your furnace or furnace repair question is, first take a deep breath, knowing we're a trusted furnace repair company that can help and quickly.

Learn more about our furnace repair services below or request a service call now, and one of our service technicians from our fleet of 40+ rapid response trucks will be dispatched to help.

Signs You Need A Furnace Repair Company

Whether you live in Missouri or Illinois, you know that winters in St. Louis can be frigid, so relying on our furnace to keep you and your family warm during cold months is essential to us. Unfortunately, furnaces break down, mainly when not regularly maintained, and priorities change when that happens.

Top 7 Warning Signs You May Need Furnace Repair Company

  1. Burner Flame Turns Yellow.   Most are used to the blue gas furnace burner flame, however, when it turns yellow instead of blue, it could be a sign of something wrong with your heater.  A yellow flame indicates the presence of carbon monoxide in your house - a colorless and odorless gas that is very dangerous in excess.  This is one of many signs that requesting emergency furnace repair is necessary.
  2. Higher Than Normal Power Bills.  Utility bills are a clear indicator that your furnace may not be running optimally.  While we highly recommend a maintenance plan to keep your HVAC system working optimally year-round if you see your gas bill goes inexplicable high - you could have a heater malfunction.
  3. Strange Noises From Your Furnace.  Banging noises are a clear sign of a faulty furnace.  One common noise is that your ignitor is not working properly and leading to a delay between the gas release and ignition.  As soon as a certain amount of gas builds up, then ignited, you hear a "THUMP" sign.  This overtime can cause increased wear and tear to your furnace unit.  Having a reputable furnace company like Crystal Heating and Cooling is your best option to have a closer look.
  4. Abnormal Furnace Smells.  Most furnaces can smell like the very fuel they run on, especially when they are first turned on for the year.  If you ever notice a stronger than normal smell of fuel around your furnace unit, an obvious order that does not seem to go away, you may have a furnace problem.
  5. Overall Age of Your Furnace.   Like any equipment, there is an average age that you may want to consider replacing your gas furnace.  The typical life expectancy of a heater, depending on the brand, is typically between 15 to 25 years if well maintained with an HVAC maintenance plan.   One key way to tell the age of your furnace is if it has a pilot light which means it could be a 25-year old system.
  6. Your Furnace Breaks Down Often.  If you find yourself having to call an emergency repairman to replace parts in your furnace more often than not, then the heater may have a serious problem.  Depending on the age of your unit, the older it is, the harder replacement parts are to get.  Consider having an HVAC service call to determine if a new furnace would be the best next decision for your home.
  7. Your Pilot Light Turns Yellow.  Paying attention to the color of your pilot light is important.  While a healthy pilot light usually appears blue, a yellow pilot light can indicate a ventilation problem.  The pilot light changes colors when gases like carbon monoxide do not dissipate as they should and this could cause health problems to you and your family.   At times, it can even make your furnace unit more combustible if not addressed
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Jason F. Residential Installer
Jason F. Residential Installer

Emergency Furnace Repair In St. Louis?

Do you have an emergency furnace repair in St. Louis?  You can count on Crystal Heating & Cooling.  Whether a home or business, we provide the fastest HVAC repair in and around St. Louis.  We get it, a broken furnace brings much-added stress so you'll be glad to know we offer emergency furnace repair you can count on.

Before calling take note of these important questions we'll be asking:

  • When did you first notice the problem?
  • Can you describe and explain the sound you hear?
  • What brand and model number is on your furnace unit?
  • When was the last time you replaced the batteries in your thermostat?  (trust us, this can happen).

Our Furnace Repair Serving Area

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