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Fall Tune-Up

Furnace Tune-Up Deal + Schedule

Time For Your Annual Furnace Tune-Up!

Keeping your furnace running optimally year-round helps you avoid any breakdowns to your unit(s). Just like an oil change in your car, your furnace needs ongoing maintenance.

Grab this discount when scheduling your annual one-time fall furnace tune-up below!

One-Time Furnace Tune-Up Regular price = $109.95.

Now only $89.95.

What's Included?

Top-level tasks we'll perform...

  • Overall Furnace Inspection
  • Calibration of Thermostat
  • Check Heat Operations
  • Clean and Tighten Electric Connections
  • Inspect Pilot System
  • Test Safety and Limit Switches
  • Clean Burners
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Why Have Us Tune-Up Your Furnace?

Top reasons to consider...

  1. Ensures proper air-flow - prevent unnecessary strain on your furnace.
  2. Keeps you safe - avoid any gas leaks into your home or dangerous carbon monoxide levels.
  3. Prevent untimely breakdowns - keeping your furnace tuned keeps from major, unexpected repairs.
  4. Saves time & money - avoid having your furnace break down in winter, be proactive.
  5. Improve energy efficiency - an inspection and cleaning of your burner help improve energy.
  6. Keep warranties intact - most manufacturers require annual inspections to honor warranties.

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