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two commercial boilers inside a room

Common Industrial HVAC Boiler Repair Services From Crystal Heating & Cooling

Common Industrial HVAC Boiler Repair Services From Crystal Heating & Cooling

If your company needs commercial boiler repair services, you can count on Crystal. With over half a century of commercial HVAC expertise, we help businesses all over St. Louis get back up and running fast!

Top Reasons for Commercial Boiler Repair Calls

Without hot water, your business day can go downhill quickly. Here are the most common industrial boiler repair problems we see, along with possible solutions.

manometers of a commercial boiler repair

There’s a Change of Pressure

For a boiler to work at optimum capacity, steam pressure has to stay constant within high and low set points. Any loss of steam pressure could mean there’s steam leakage or problems with the return system such as steam traps, a check valve or feed pumps.

Water is Leaking

If you see large puddles of water around the boiler, there is probably a leak. Water leaks drive up your water bill, increase fuel consumption, and cause stress to your boiler as it keeps having to heat cold water to make up for hot water lost. It’s best to call us right away to find the source of the leak.

Utility Costs are Rising

Increasing utility bills could be due to blockages from scale build up, which can cause a loss of heat transfer. You’ll need a commercial boiler repair technician at Crystal to clear the blockage.

You’re Hearing Strange Sounds

When you hear gurgling, knocking, or whistling coming from the boiler, it could indicate air in the system, low water pressure, or limescale buildup on the heat exchange. We will check your boiler for proper gas pressure and piping as well as air intake and exhaust.

The Boiler Turns Off Randomly

If a boiler switches off when it shouldn’t, it could be a sign of several things that only industrial boiler repair companies can fix.

  • Water and safety probes have become scale coated, in which case a Crystal technician can clean and replace the probes.
  • There’s a problem with pressure loss.
  • A thermostat is broken.
  • A valve is blocked.
  • The pump isn’t pushing water through the system as it should.

We will find the reason the boiler is turning off and fix it promptly.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Commercial Boiler Repair

Your boiler should be serviced every year to ensure that it’s working as it should and to detect potential problems before they cause a total breakdown. It’s much more affordable to schedule yearly maintenance appointments than it is to buy a whole new boiler!

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Trust Crystal Heating and Cooling for All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

We know you have your choice of industrial boiler repair companies in St. Louis, but with over 50 years in the industry, Crystal Heating and Cooling is the most knowledgeable HVAC company you’ll find. From installation to repairs, we handle every aspect of your commercial heating and cooling needs including:

  • Ductless systems
  • Kitchen hoods, exhaust, and gas piping
  • Server rooms
  • Split systems
  • Rooftop HVAC
  • Split Systems
  • Exhaust and supply fans
  • Make-up air units

Call Crystal today for commercial boiler repair service or any other industrial HVAC problems you’re having. We’ll get there fast and fix it so you can focus on what matters most -- your business, your employees, and your customers!