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Why We’re The Best Commercial A/C Repair Company in Greater St. Louis

Why We’re The Best Commercial A/C Repair Company in Greater St. Louis

If you're in need of commercial air conditioning repair services in Farmington, Peavely, or anywhere else south of St. Louis, we’re the best team for your business. Crystal Heating and Cooling has been providing fast, friendly commercial ac repair and installation for over half a century!

We Provide Commercial Air Conditioning Repair For All Mechanical HVAC Problems

In the past 50 years, we’ve seen all kinds of air conditioning problems from businesses in Ste. Genevieve, Festus, and throughout Jefferson County. Whether you own a rental property, a restaurant, a boutique or a factory, we have the tools and knowledge to perform the most efficient, affordable commercial air conditioning repair service in the area. Here are some indications you may need our help.

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Strange Odors

If you notice an odd or musty smell, it’s important to call Crystal. You could simply need new air filters, but it could also indicate stagnant water in your system, overheating parts, or a gas leak. To keep your employees safe and prolong the life of your air conditioner, it’s worth it to get it checked out.  

Inconsistent Air Flow

Do you have some offices that are cool while some are stifling? There could be leaks or cracks somewhere in the building’s ductwork. We will work quickly to locate the problem so everyone can enjoy the same level of comfort.

Extreme Energy Bills

Running a business is not cheap, so you’ll definitely feel the burn if your utility bills start to rise. Whether your commercial air conditioner was improperly installed, sized incorrectly for your space, or lack of maintenance is causing it run less efficiently, we will figure out the problem and fix it.


If your units are shutting off abruptly, there could be electrical components that are overheating and causing blown fuses. We can check your system to determine why this electrical issue is happening so your business can stay up and running.

Water Damage

The drain line is supposed to route excess water and condensation away from your HVAC unit, but if the drain line accumulates dirt, debris and algae, it can get clogged. This causes water to back up into the drain pan, which can eventually leak out. During regular maintenance we check and clean drain lines, but if you notice water damage on your ceiling, walls or floors, make sure to call us.

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Choose Crystal Heating and Cooling for Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and More

Each of our technicians is NATE certified, which is the gold standard for technician development in the HVAC industry. They also belong to the Sheet Metal workers Local 36 and the Plumber and Pipefitters 562, so you can rest assured that they can fix any HVAC problem they encounter. Whether you need commercial air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement, or installation, please give us a call to get the fastest, friendliest, most professional mechanical ac service in South St. Louis and beyond.

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