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iWave Air Purifier

Do you suffer from air allergens? Whether pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds or mold from damp basements, bathrooms, and window sills, they surround and affect us both outside and inside our home. And no matter how clean your home is, with the use of a microscope, you may discover those nasty little dust mites that live in our carpet, bedding, and even furniture.

Or what about all the animal dander from dogs and cats floating through your air? And we can't forget about unwanted smoke and viruses like Covid-19 we may be breathing. These pesty air pollutants, by way of our A/C units, cause what is called air conditioning sickness.

What is Air Conditioning Sickness?

Woman Suffering from Allergens

Air conditioning sickness starts where our air conditioners and all that bacteria, pollen, mold, smoke, and mildews meet.

Have you noticed yourself sniffling, coughing, or sneezing when you turn on your air conditioning on a hot summer day?

Please don't blame the air conditioner.  Airborne allergens like bacterias and viruses are at the root of the issue.

There are many air contaminations in the air that can cause you to feel left of center.

Common Symptoms and Reactions to Air Contamination
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Tiredness
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Digestive Issues
  • Watery Eyes

How To Get The Best Air Quality.

We first recommend you consider our Care Club program where we maintain your HVAC system twice a year to keep it running optimally across all seasons.

And while a finely tuned A/C will greatly help, the best way to experience the very best air quality in your home is with a whole house air purifier system.

What's the Best Air Purifier System?

From our decades of HVAC and air purification experience, we believe the iWave Air Purifying device is the best whole house air purifier available for any home in and around St. Louis.

iWave protects your entire house from allergens, dust, smoke, mold, and viruses while also reducing odors, smoke, static electricity, and dust in the air you breathe without it.

How does iWave work?

When air passes over the iWave, ions are produced by the device to reduce all pathogens, allergens, smoke, particles, and odors in the air.

This creates a very healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts in your home.

iWave uses a patented technology called needle-pint bi-polar ionization to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions.

So when these ions are injected into your home's air stream, they break down any passing pollutants and gasses into harmless compounds like oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide (see illustration below).

iWave Ion Generator

How Does iWave Turn Polluted Air Into Clean Air?

From the illustration above, you can see when the ions come into contact with viruses, bacteria, or even mold, they remove the hydrogen molecules.  Without them, the pathogens have no source of energy - so they die.  The ions from the iWave Ion Generator also attach to allergens like pollen and many other particles.  This causes them all to band together until they grow large enough to be caught by your home's ventilation systems air filter.

iWave technology generates the same ions that nature creates with lightning, ocean waves, waterfalls, and others.  Amazingly nature uses energy to break apart molecules. This naturally cleans the air and produces a very healthy environment in your home.

The significant and only difference between the iWave air purifier system and nature is that the iWave air purifier does it WITHOUT developing harmful ozone!  And that is great news if you live in or around St. Louis.

Pathogens are reduced by the iWave air purifier.

What pathogens are reduced by iWave air purifiers?

SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) and Human Coronavirus 229E results included.

iWave Air Purifier Models

The best in no maintenance whole-house residential air cleaners.

iWave-R. No maintenance air purifier for residential systems.


No maintenance air purifier for residential systems.

iWave-C. No maintenance air purifier for commercial and residential systems.


No maintenance air purifier for commercial and residential systems.

iWave air purifier and air cleaner

The iWave Advantage

Top benefits of installing an iWave!

  • Most effective air purification method. Other air purification systems require ongoing maintenance with bulb and cell replacement every year or two (costly and undesirable)
  • iWave has no harmful byproducts and most models have no ongoing maintenance, nor replacement parts. iWave offers a self-cleaning design for maintenance-free performance.
  • iWave comes with a 3-year limited warranty


Key Features

  • Proven technology – over 200,000+ installations
  • Actively purifies your entire house!
  • Kills mold, bacteria, and even viruses
  • Will reduce allergens, odors, particles, and smoke
  • No replacement parts
  • Crystal can install in any HVAC system
  • It's UL and cUL approved
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

What Do Homeowners Say About Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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