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If you’re a homeowner, you understand how unexpected repairs and breakdowns can sabotage your time, sanity, and bank account. And you probably know that maintenance is the key to keeping all three of those in check.

Things are no different when it comes to your HVAC system. Maintaining it with an AC tuneup isn’t just smart; it’s necessary. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to an emergency repair.

And that is a fraction of the cost of replacing it, a definite concern if you don’t perform an annual AC tuneup.

What is an AC Tuneup?

An AC tune-up is an expert examination of your air conditioning unit to optimize performance, prolong the lifespan, and prevent costly breakdowns.  It's a comprehensive maintenance procedure that keeps your AC unit running smoothly, guaranteeing comfort while reducing energy costs.

We recommend getting an AC tuneup at least once yearly by joining our VIP Care Club HVAC Maintenance program.  Regular tune-ups can keep a nightmare scenario from happening and save you a ton of money by avoiding costly repairs or replacements.

Embrace the power of preventative maintenance.

What Does an AC Tuneup Include?

Ron - Service Department Tech

Ron - Service Department Tech

A general inspection of your HVAC system is the first step. We will check all indoor and outdoor components of your system and perform the following tasks:

  • Check the indoor coil (if accessible)
  • Clean condensate drain
  • Clean the outside condenser coil
  • Check relays and capacitors
  • Check Freon level
  • Check electrical connections
  • Test safety controls
  • Check thermostat
  • Check system operations

If any problem is found, we will consult you on possible fixes and costs.

What are the Benefits of an AC Tune-up?

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Your AC system is just like any other piece of equipment in your home that you depend on. You may take it for granted. You’ll probably expect it to work each day without fail. But it will break down and fail if you’re not proactive about its maintenance, just as with any other machine.

If you’ve ever had this happen to you at the worst possible time, you know how difficult it is to cope with suffocating heat, especially when trying to sleep.

However, your comfort is just one of several benefits of getting regular tune-ups.

How Often Should I Get an AC Tuneup?

HVAC Maintenance Care Club Program

We recommend that you make this an annual exercise. And the professionals at recommend this same general schedule for AC tune-ups.

However, since we live in the St. Louis 4-season climate, which consists of a sweltering summer and a frigid winter, we recommend you tune your AC in mid-spring and your furnace in mid-fall.

So springtime is the best time for an AC tuneup, as you don’t want surprises when St. Louis temperatures hit triple digits or humidity rises out of control.

Our new maintenance program plans offer you options.

Will, Service Department Tech

Will, Service Department Tech

Signs it’s Time for an AC Tuneup

Regarding your AC unit's health, signs and symptoms of a more significant problem can be difficult to notice. This is not the case with your AC system.

The five most common signs to watch for include:

  • Your system is blowing hot air instead of cold.
  • The airflow coming out of your vents is weaker than usual.
  • You notice dramatic temperature changes in your home and on the thermostat.
  • Your AC system sounds like it's trying to cough up a live kitten (i.e., strange noises).
  • You begin to smell musty, mold-inducing odors that will be hard to ignore.

However, other signs can still appear, such as higher-than-normal energy bills, higher-than-normal indoor humidity, and condensation on the AC unit.

As you can see, spotting a possible problem isn't going to be difficult. A yearly AC tuneup will provide peace of mind and likely keep the above from happening in the first place.

But if you do notice a problem, jumping on it early will probably save you time and money and prevent that wonderful feeling of hanging out inside an oven that has been turned on.

Read more on strange air conditioning noises

Tips to Maintain Your AC Unit

Changing Air Filter

Your AC system will require a bit of TLC to operate efficiently and effectively throughout the year. And while you likely won’t (and shouldn’t) do your air conditioner tune-ups, there is still one crucial thing you can do to ensure your system remains reliable and in excellent working condition.

It would be best to replace your filters regularly, which is easy to do if you're unclear on how to - call our corporate office.

As for how often this should be done, that depends:

  • Is your AC unit located in dusty conditions?
  • Does your home have a lot of pet hair floating around?
  • Is your AC unit running nearly nonstop during the hot season?

It's best to check your filter every few months, and if it's dirty, change it.

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