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6 Types of Air Filtration Systems For Your Home

6 Types of Air Filtration Systems For Your Home

Did you know that people tend to spend 90% of their time indoors? As such, there’s a likelihood of having your indoor air more contaminated than the outdoor air.

While there are many air filtration systems, including portable, we highly recommend keeping your indoor air as clean as possible with whole-house air filters.

Keeping your house well-ventilated and clean is your first line of defense. However, you might need to get air filters to be confident about your indoor air quality.

If you’re thinking of air filter systems, you have a range of options to choose from. Here are the top types of air filtration systems available.

1. iWave Air Filter

iWave whole home is one of the best air purifiers that will ionize the air in your heating system and air conditioner. The ions in the air often make the allergens such as pet dander and pollen stick together and get trapped within the HVAC filters. They then damage these proteins, which renders them harmless.

The iWave air filter is often installed in the duct of the air conditioning system. It uses patented technology referred to as needle-point bi-polar ionization. The technology creates equal amounts of negative and positive ions.

Having the ions in the air stream leads to the breakdown of pollutants and gases into several compounds such as carbon dioxide, water, water vapor, and nitrogen. The ions generated resemble those created through nature, such as ocean waves and lightning, not only that iWave doesn’t harm the ozone.

The best part about this air filter is that it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. You can use it for years without thinking about maintenance or replacing parts. Better still, you won’t need to worry about harmful byproducts.

If you’re buying the air filter for the first time, check out the homeowner’s guide to air purifiers. You'll get adequate guidance to determine which will be the best whole house air filter for you. The undeniable benefits of the iWave air filter make it an ideal choice for homeowners.

2. Flat Filters

One of the common air conditioner problems that you might encounter is a dirty air filter. For your AC to work optimally, you might need to consider replacing the filters. Flat filters are an ideal option, especially if you're working on a tight budget.

These kinds of filters will ensure that big debris such as pollen, dirt, lint, and pet hair don’t clog your system. However, they might not work with smaller contaminants, which are equally hazardous to your health.

Flat filters are some of the most popular types of air filters. Nonetheless, their popularity doesn't translate to effectiveness, especially when dealing with smaller particles. You might need to get an alternative filter to ensure that your house is dirt-free.

If you’re considering an air filtration system that will clean all types of dirt, you can add a few bucks to get the pleated filters. The filters are usually charged electrostatically to attract particles such as pet dander and pollen. You'll need to change them every three months.

3. Ultraviolet Air Filters

With the changing scope of technology, today, homeowners can install ultraviolet (UV) air filters. Most people consider this option because it offers an all-around solution that targets small, living organisms in the air.

The effect of ultraviolet radiation on microscopic organisms is immense. If you have a home environment or any other space that requires rigorous filtration, then this filter is the real deal.

If you have had to deal with a recurrence of fungus, bacteria, and other pollutants in your home, then it might be time to consider ultraviolet air cleaners. However, you might need to consider constant yet proper home sealing and humidity controls for this option to be effective.

One of the best ways to ensure that you deal with the winter weather is to install an ultraviolet air filter in your home. UV filters help keep the viruses and bacteria away, which helps minimize illnesses even during the cold months.

Americans spent close to $3052 on energy expenditure per person in 2012. This high cost of spending on consumption is partly due to the need for air filtration and conditioning. The good news is that you'll tend to spend much less on your air filtration needs with UV filters.

Further, these UV air filters are easy to maintain. This means that you need to spend way less on repair-related costs.

4. Electronic Air Filters

Electronic filters are a common form of signal processing sifts found in most homes. These filters operate in the form of electrical circuits. Electronic filters may either operate in the form of discrete packages or as integrated circuits.

These filters play an essential role in the removal of unwanted components from the applied signals. The electronic filter works by limiting the types of frequencies that pass past the sieve. Only designated components can go past the electronic filters.

These kinds of filters work well, especially on smoke particles. Most normal filters, including media filters, are unable to handle such small particles. This is one of the main advantages of using electronic filters over other types of whole house air filters.

When using this option, you get the advantage of filtering multiple digital signals through one single digital filter. This can happen without having to replace the hardware.

Most other types of filters suffer when put under varying environmental parameters. However, the performance rate is never in question with the electronic filter, even in the most challenging environments.

Are you looking for whole-house air filters that are portable?

Electronic air filters offer a unique aspect of portability, which makes usage easy and convenient. Further, most electronic filters are flexible, an aspect that's unique to digital filters.

5. Extended Media Filters

Extended media filters take the shape of a box. They have filtration media heaps that help them be more effective and robust than the typical fiberglass filter. The extended media filters are among the home air filters that capture bigger dirt particles.

These filters have several layers of filtering material. They move pollutants from the air, and the layers are enough to safeguard and catch the particles that penetrate through the first layer. This aspect makes the extended media filter to be more effective and superior to many other air filters.

With extended media filters, you’ll need to get a professional to do it. You can check the best HVAC contractors in St. Louis to ensure that your investment will give you the desired results. The process involves plumbing the filters within your home’s ductwork, making it necessary to involve an expert.

Ensure that you replace your HVAC extended media filters each year for ideal performance. The replacement of the year filters won’t cost you a high amount. You can’t compare the cost with the amount you’d incur replacing the entire system!

6. Portable Air Cleaners

portable air purifier

Portable air cleaners or PACs are some of the unique units you can consider for your home. The PACs have a high-efficiency particulate air filter mechanism. Most times, these units also go by the name electrostatic precipitation.

These types of portable air filters are the best when dealing with small concentrations. The filters conduct electrostatic precipitation on incoming streams of particles. This ensures total filtration as compared to other traditional filters.

Filtration when using this option minimizes infiltration inefficiency. If your home is prone to wildfires, this option can come in handy. Using portable home air filters ensures that you can randomly control periods without compromising on the quality of your home's air.

One of the main pros of portable air purifiers is the ease of maintenance. These whole-house air filters are easy to shift around, making the process of replacement and repairs easy. One of the main concerns when dealing with air filters is the issues of safety.

If you have toddlers, you'll likely encounter a recurrence of safety concerns during playtime. Most portable purifiers have a lighter and edgeless design. These features make the presence of these filters at home unhazardous.

If you wonder what safer whole house filter options you have, you can consider installing portable air filters. The best part is that these air filters use varying methods, making air filtration effective. You can also place these filters anywhere in the room.

Whole House Air Filters Ensures That a Home Has Quality Air

iWave Air Products

The air filters in your home have a significant impact on air quality. It would help to know the different types of whole-house air filters to guide you in your choice. With the different options available, you will get an air purifier that will meet your home’s air purification needs.

It's crucial to understand the air filters and the kind of dirt they remove. While some are designed to remove all types of particles, others can only deal with bigger particles. This knowledge will guide you when shopping for your home’s air filter.

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